Get Fit with Alex Newsletter

Get Fit With Alex Newsletter September 2016

We have just got back from an amazing holiday and we loved Kefalonia. I hope you have enjoyed the summer break and are looking forward to getting back to class this week.

I am often asked to explain what the benefits of Pilates exercise are. As we start our Autumn Term, here’s a reminder for us all …..
 Develops core abdominal strength
 Helps to develop a leaner body by lengthening and strengthening muscles
 Improves balance, poise, stability and flexibility
 Reduces stress and fatigue
 Works with the deepest muscles of the body to build strength and control
 Improves mind/body awareness
 Exercises the muscles without causing pain or risking muscle tear or jarred joints
 Teaches you not to strain your muscles, but enjoy the movements as you stretch
 Enhances muscle control without causing tension
 Relieves pain, stiffness and tension
 It is suitable for anyone, regardless of age or fitness
 The principles of Pilates can be applied to any movement or activity

It’s now only 3 weeks until our annual 5k Fun Run (or walk), ‘Together for Alzheimer’s’ which will take place on Sunday September 25th at 10am. Please join in if possible as it is suitable for both club runners and family walkers. We will also need help on the day, with marshals, drink stations and time keeping so if you are able to help please let me know. All proceeds will go to The Alzheimer’s Society which is a great charity which is very close to my heart.

Any donations can be made by visiting or send a cheque payable to
The Alzheimer’s Society
51, Shaw Drive,
Sandford, BH20 7BS.
Many thanks.

Have a good week, see you in class